Did Your Spouse Just Reveal A Fetish That You Have No Idea How To Deal With? 3 Tips To Find Help From A Sex Positive Therapist

Sexual fetishes can take many forms. While one person may have an attraction to role-playing, another may be interested in a specific part of the body such as the feet. Although there shouldn't be any shame in having something different that inspires sexual arousal provided that it is legal and consensual, there still remains a stigma about certain fetishes. Your spouse's revelation may be surprising, and it may take you a while to figure out how to respond.

3 Things To Know About Polydrug Abuse

Though any drug abuse can be deadly, polydrug abuse (simultaneous abuse of more than one drug) can be especially risky. Individuals who abuse multiple drugs are referred to as polydrug users. Here's what you need to know about polydrug abuse. 1. Polydrug Abuse Isn't Always Intentional  Though some polydrug users intentionally combine drugs in order to increase the effects of one of the drugs, other individuals are unintentional polydrug users. For example, assume that you have a prescription for painkillers.

Understanding The Fundamentals Of ADHD Treatment Options

In recent years, the diagnosis rate of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has increased exponentially. More people have been diagnosed with ADHD than ever before, including both adults and children. Some say that the occurrence of ADHD has increased, but it may also be that modern medicine has gotten better at identifying the condition based on its complex symptoms. If your child or loved one has been diagnosed with ADHD, you need to understand the treatment options to find the best way to cope.

How To Rebuild Your Life After Domestic Abuse

No one ever plans to suffer from abuse. Domestic partner abuse is a big problem that affects many people. If you are being abused by someone you love, there is hope for you. Here are four steps to help you rebuild your life: 1. Get away from your abuser. When you find yourself in an abusive situation, your first priority should be getting to safety. If you live with your abuser, you should find a way to leave.

4 Things To Do If You Think Your Child Is Depressed

Depression is a serious medical condition that can affect people in all stages of life. Depression doesn't discriminate based on age, gender, or socioeconomic status. However, some people may not realize that even children can be depressed. Here are four things you should do if you think your child may be suffering from depression: 1. Educate yourself about common symptoms. Some of the symptoms of depression may go unnoticed in children when it's easy to misinterpret them as fussiness or ordinary childhood behavior.